About Me
I have been creating my own jewelry since 2003. At first, it was just a hobby; I disliked the same ole boring styles and colour schemes. So, one day I decided I could create something much more suiting to my taste and personality. At that moment, with out my knowledge; a Jewelry Designer was born.
I have always loved art and all of the liberty you can gain from unleshing your inner creative self. My father was one of my biggest fans and his belief in my creative skills helped fuel my passion and determination.
I feel very lucky to have creative children; it was due to their creativity that I realized Everyone has a creative side. They just need to open their minds, relax their bodies, and Create. This insight led me to the creation of 'Design Nite' .
Why do we see children always painting and mixing colours with no cares in the world? At what point, in life do Adults Loose their inner child? My anwser is Never. It is always there underneath the surface of our selves & sometimes we just need someone to Help us reconnect with that inner Child we have forgotten. 

With all that said, I am so excited to be able to meet so many new people through 'Design Nite' events all over. I get to not only teach all of you many fun and create designing techniques. But I also get to watch as you ermerge into Create Butterflies. 
Make sure to follow me on my social media pages. I also enjoy writing a weekly blog to keep you informed with what I am up to next and where I will be.
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